Our Perspective on Engaging the Industry:

Simplifying the Compliance Challenge

From Where We Stand, market utilities play an integral role in helping firms meet complex regulatory requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Vast new regulations have led to significant mandates on financial firms while recent geopolitical events have created uncertainty over the direction of the regulatory environment.

Compliance risk and cost are among the top challenges facing the industry today.

DTCC’s unique model and governance structure ensure alignment between the work we undertake and the unique needs of the industry.

We create solutions that help mitigate systemic risk, increase transparency and fulfill the goal of policymakers to create a safer and more secure financial marketplace that protects the individual investor.

For example, our Global Trade Repository provides unprecedented transparency into the OTC derivatives market and helps regulators and the public better understand risk exposures.

You may not always see firsthand the benefits of the work we do behind the scenes, but DTCC is focused every day on protecting the stability and integrity of the global financial system.