From Where We Stand

**From Where We Stand** at the center of securities trading activity, DTCC has a unique vantage point to anticipate and lead change to protect and shape the future of the capital markets.

Here, we will share our insights on the innovations that are driving the transformation of global markets as well as the fintech revolution, the critical role of market infrastructures, opportunities to overcome the challenges of the complex regulatory environment and more.

Mitigating Risk

Gain insights from the world’s most resilient and secure post-trade infrastructure on leading approaches for reducing risk for the global financial services marketplace.

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Advancing Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve to increase transparency and strengthen the security of the financial markets.

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Engaging the Industry

Learn how collaboration is the driving force behind identifying solutions that solve industry-wide challenges.

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Improving Efficiency

Explore the latest industry initiatives that support standardization and automation while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies for your firm and the marketplace.

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